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Social Creative Conversations

Amy Vallejo

Conversation is the thread that helps tether and inspire relationships. It doesn’t have to be fancy or grand; but, it does need to be real. Inspiring conversation often comes from the ordinary moments in life when stories are shared and hearts are laid bare. Join Amy Vallejo, founder & co-collaborator of Social Creative Workshops, as she chats to extraordinary women sharing, teaching, and learning through the conversations we have. ​This podcast is for all the makers; artisan makers, business makers, movement makers, homemakers, mess makers, idea makers. What we do is a contributing portion of who we are, but there is so much to all of us, isn't there? If you are like me, the stories are gold and connect us so much deeper. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO TEACH, WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO LEARN. Welcome to our conversation, we’re glad you’re here!
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